zondag 26 februari 2012

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is a well-known saying in the English-speaking countries. After literature research I found that the phrase is to prove scientifically. Research shows that there is a relationship between consumption of apples and a reduced risk of heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. A few apples per day also helps preventive against overweight. Apples contain all sorts of healthy substances: fibres, malic acids and huge amount of antioxidants. I was surprised at the large number of articles that supported the claims. For when you interested I give a link to a scientific overview article and a somewhat more popular written article.
In Netherlands, where I live, the people are ambivalent regarding apples. An apple contains relatively little vitamins. So you can better eat other fruit, it is saying. Formerly at the dentists there were posters with the slogan ' Sweets wise, eat an Apple. " The gnawing on an apple would keep the teeth clean. Until it appeared that it increases the acidity in the mouth, causing teeth erosion. The earlier information had to be withdrawn. Tricky for the consumer such contradictory information. Personally, I'm eating an apple every day for years only by feeling. The only source of inspiration was the writer in a novel by Agatha Christie who was addicted to apples. Meanwhile, I am at an age when health ailments as heart disease, diabetes and obesity are common. I am fortunately spared of all these ills and I never get to the doctor (I don't even know how my family doctor is called). I'm fairly slim despite a large consumption of licorice and other sugary junk. And I have bad teeth. But what is the cause: the apples or the licorice candy?  Now I follow the advice, after eating an apple to rinse the mouth with water. An apple a day does not keeps the dentist away, but it does keeps the doctor away.

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